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BankNifty Analysis 8th June 2023 – Market Traded Within Yesterday’s Range As Predicted

Hello Friends ! Let us start BankNifty Analysis 8th June 2023 and prediction for 11th June 2023. Today also market moved exactly as predicted in our last analysis. Below is the excerpt of the same :

As per yesterday’s analysis, when market opened with a small gap up and in yesterday’s range, we created a short strangle and it gave very good profit thanks to the theta decay. (*Will explain about Theta Decay in our Advanced Concepts)

What Next?

Since, the market exactly behaved as per our last analysis and did not breach any major level, the movement prediction as stated before still stands. Below is the excerpt of the same.


Now time for the Trending News. As per latest update from IMD (Indian Meteorological Dept.), Cyclonic storm ‘Biparjoy’ has now turned into an extremely severe cyclonic storm. Gujarat will face very heavy rain, thunderstorm and high wind for the next five days as it will pass some 200-300 km from Porbandar coast. Already it has killed 27 people in Pakistan where due to collapsing of buildings 12 people have been buried alive. Now Saurashtra and Kutch coast are on yellow alert. Gujarat govt has started evacuating people near the coast.

Follow this news more on IndianExpress Here for latest updates.

So, that is for today. We will meet again on monday. Till then, Keep Learning, Keep Trading and Keep Winning. Bye Friends.

*In addition to the Disclaimer, I wish to submit that, all the information given here are only for education purpose and I dont give any buy or sell ideas. Investments / Trading in Stock market is subject to market risk and please consult with your financial advisor before taking any position. This blog is created only for expanding my learning through analysis and share this knowledge with my visitors. The writer will not be responsible for any profit or loss directly or indirectly due to the information given in this blog. I do not take responsibility for any information or product link in the pinned comments or in this blog. Hence, please be at your own risk while using/acting on them. Thanks for your support.

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